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I Can't Access Bios? Halp? gaming computer builder

Pc is running Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4 motherboard with Gigabyte AMD Radeon R9 8gb graphics card.

This problem was identified after a user complained the screen kept going black randomly and nothing helped other than manual reset/shutdown. Went though all amd driver-related troubleshooting (full clean and update) and windows-related (full os restore after a bunch of setting adjustments), but the blackouts got worse. Now the display cuts out after about 60 seconds of being booted up, regardless of windows in safe mode. It even happened during a windows os reset.

So I tried to access the bios to check display settings but... no access? Huh? Bios/motherboard loadup screen does not appear no matter what, it just goes straight to windows. Safe mode, slamming the f2/delete key, unplugging everything (including one or two hard drives)... I just can't bring up bios. I thought about clearing CMOS but not sure if that would help.

Some background... the pc was recently upgraded to six drives, so it has 2 hdd's, 3 ssd's and a hybrid. But its running on a 850 gold psu so I didn't think it would be an issue and its been working fine since we set it up, and when the screen goes black the video card still lights up and lets me know its on 'silent resting mode' so I don't think its a power issue. This pc has been running fine for a while and its pretty high-end... although the motherboard is five years old.

Any thoughts or recommendations? Is the board fried?

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