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Wireless solution for Laptop second monitor gaming computer builder

I have a nice desktop, and nicer laptop (Dell XPS 13). The laptop is modern and portable and powerful, and I am doing more and more work on the laptop. However, I miss the benefits of a large screen. Sadly, my desktop is too old to make use of wireless display adapters, and the laptop, infuriatingly, lacks an HDMI port.

What are my options for expanding my laptop's display to a second? Ideally, I'd like to use the two displays side-by-side and drag and drop between them. For example, if I'm doing some audio mixing, I'd have the project on the main display, and faders and mix controls on the second screen.

A few notes - the XPS only has two USB ports, both of which are used by other hardware. It does have a Thunderbolt port, however. Wireless would be the preferred method, however.


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