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Windows 8, 10 user account questions and vulnerabilities gaming computer builder

Several questions. Really appreciate your time and responses.

  1. Why does my windows 10 user account which should be standard and indicates standard in the user account TYPE window, show "Local account Administrator" in the user accounts window. Is it standard or admin?
  2. I've been using above user account for kodi torrents but just created a new standard user account because original account has sensitive data and new account will be strictly for kodi. Once I discontinue opening Kodi in original account, is it safe to continue using it and expect it to be shielded from new torrenting account, or should I create a new user account for that also, and delete it after transferring sensitive data over? Note that pc seems to be clean and am unaware of any malware to date.
  3. When I use Kodi on new account, does leaving any other accounts logged in affect security or create any vulnerabilities? Should those be logged out while I use it?
  4. Finally, on a windows 8.1 with sandisk sdw32g drive with low space, what is the optimal way to free up space. I have zero files on this that I need to keep, as it's only for streaming. I've already removed unused apps and programs, yet my storage keeps getting smaller.
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