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Should I get a dedicated GPU? gaming computer builder

Hello -

Currently I have a "budget" pc with these specs:

  • Amd A10 6700 APU
  • 16 gb of DDR3 RAM (1600 mhz)
  • 2 HDD's
  • Windows 10

I use the integrated gpu that is bundled with the 6700, specifically it is a Radeon HD 8670d, which isn't exactly a good gpu in my opinion. I have to run most of the games in my steam library on low in order to get 30+ fps, and it's getting rather annoying. I've read online that if I put a R7 250 in my build, not only would I see improved performance from a dedicated gpu, but also that I could run both the R7 250 and the 8670d in dual graphics mode, which could net me even more performance.

There is one catch to this, however. I plan on upgrading to a completely new, made from scratch computer sometime in the next 6 months, and here are the probable specs:

  • Amd Ryzen 1600
  • Nvidia Geforce gtx 1060
  • 16 gb of DDR4 ram (2400 mhz)
  • 2 HDD's
  • Windows 10

Should I just leave my current build alone or bite the bullet and upgrade the gpu so it can hold me over till I build my next computer?

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