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Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series AKA the slowest thing on Earth, and I need some advice gaming computer builder

So a little over a year ago I bought my wife a laptop for Christmas along with other things,

I just wanted to get her something to browse the Internet on and do little things here or there.

Jesus Christ I have never in my life ever bought a NEW laptop that just runs so damn slow. The thing can barely open a photo in the photo viewer without slowing to a near crawl, and forget about trying to click through a slideshow unless you want to become the next Rip Van Winkle.

I digress, when we got it, we did the automatic upgrade to Windows 10 and I think that's what's really slogging it down. Is there any cheaper way to downgrade it back to 7 or 8 outside of spending 150+ $?

TL;DR- This laptop is ass and I think it's because of windows 10 and I'm looking for a less expensive way to downgrade the operating system.

Any help would be lovely.

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