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A budget PC build gaming computer builder

Right. I am not very knowledge filled with computers but I know the basic parts and I know how to do my research. I would like you the people of Reddit and whoever is reading this to help me out if possible. I have a build idea and I am on a budget of £120 ($156 ish) Here are the parts An Asus gtx 560ti 1gb A 500w psu 8gb ddr2 ram (2x 4gb sticks) A DQ45CB motherboard (with the 'original' cooler) A Rapoo N1200 An E8600 cpu Seagate 500gb hdd AVP Triton MZ402 Mid Tower Black Case A 5.25" disk drive All help is appreciated. I will be using either a 480p or 720p monitor

Extra Questions- Can it run PUBG CS:GO Sims 3&4 G-Mod Terra Tech Zombi Left 4 dead 1&2 Halflife 2 Cod games

Again all help is appreciated and greatly appreciated.

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