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New Computer, first time with SSD and HDD. Am I doing it right? gaming computer builder

Long story short, I bought a new gaming PC after the one I built 7 years ago decided to, well, be 7 years old. Due to time constraints, I purchased a pre built computer that has both an SSD and HDD. This is my first time dealing with a solid state, let alone a combo, and wanted to make sure I am doing things right before I get too far in.

My main goal, primarily use the SSD for Windows and not much else. I downloaded the game Fortnite, and when it tried to put it on the SSD, I simply went to my hard drive and made a folder titled "Games" and placed it there, so far so good. The issue came when I downloaded Steam. When I went to install I selected the hard drive, but it wouldn't give me the option, no sweat I will be using it often, so I let it go on the default on the Solid. When I went to start installing my games, it gave me the option of doing so on my hard drive, so I simply created a new folder "Steam" I put Skyrim on there.

The long and skinny of it, am I doing this right, or will it eventually all implode on me and make me realize I know nothing about computers anymore.

Sorry for being so clueless.

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