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My laptop charger powers off as soon as it's plugged into my laptop. I've tried two different chargers, three different outlets, and even tested the voltage both before and after being plugged into the computer. gaming computer builder

I'm trying to use my work computer (I'm a teacher, haven't really used it all summer), and my computer died so I plugged in the charger. I couldn't get it to work and noticed that the charger light was on but turned off as soon as I plugged it into the computer. I tried three different outlets and two different chargers and the outcome is the same. When I put a voltage meter to it when it's plugged into the wall, its fine. But when I plug the charger into my computer and then test it again, I can watch the voltage go to 0. I go back to work on Monday (I'm a teacher) so I can get help then, but I wanted to do some work this weekend and not knowing the answer is killing me. I would appreciate any suggestions!

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