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In the market for a new laptop. Need Help on what to get. gaming computer builder

I am trying to get a new laptop. The laptop I have had is an hp which is 8 years old. Runs kinda like garbage but that's because while living in China a lot of garbage got put on at the beginning because imagine not being able to read popups and other Windows like that haha. after cleaning it a bit runs not to bad honestly. I am trying to really spend max $800-$1,000.

I have been looking at the Spectre x360 13.3'' with 8gb ram 256ssd with the i7 core. It's about $1200 and it seems like a lot but it is a nice 2 in 1 and has more accessible ports than a lot of light 2-1's. Mainly am just going to use the laptop for work/research, trading cryptos and entertainment, a lot of times using hdmi. I have an Xbox one so gaming isn't utmost importance. I'm not planning on buying a new laptop though for atleast 6-7 years.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! I seem to trust HP computers a lot.

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