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I need laptop help gaming computer builder

I have 2 laptops that I'm needing help with. I have an Asus x540s and it's fan isn't working and it's speaker makes popping noises and when I plug headphones in they make the noise too, so I'm thinking it's the sound card. I haven't checked on them in the device manager because I don't want to use the computer without a fan. I also have an hp 2000-2b19WM and the WiFi won't work on it. I'll press the button to turn it on and it'll just stay orange showing that it's off. I've checked on some stuff in the device manager and I've troubleshooted with it with no internet and on the internet via an ethernet cable and nothing has popped up. I've tried switching out the WiFi receiver card and nothing happened so I'm thinking it's software related. Also the 2 USB ports on the right side next to the disc drive won't work. I haven't gotten around to checking them yet because I was going to fix the WiFi problem first.

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