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Help with my video editing setup gaming computer builder

So a lot of my work is as a video editor. I'm currently running off a MacBook Pro and really want something more powerful. I feel the best way to achieve this is for a decent price is with a powerful PC at home and my MacBook Pro I can take around for basic editing on the go. To purchase the power I'm after through Apple on an iMac is just stupidly high so I'm looking at alternatives such as building a PC or Hackintosh.

So my questions become, would a hackintosh be reliable for my work? Is there an easy workflow between a Windows pc at home and my MacBook Pro so I could take stuff around on my laptop then plug it all in at home? Should I just fully jump ship to Windows? I'm so used to apple and everyone I work with uses it! Is the only solution to answer all my problems to just fork out the stupid money for the apple gear?

Thank you for reading all of this, any help is greatly appreciated!

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