martes, 25 de julio de 2017

Computer won't boot for 1st attempt gaming computer builder

Hello! I've got a weird issue going on sice about 1 month with my coputer... After I power on the computer it passes the BIOS screen, but then it cuts the power and restarts. After 4 or 5 post attempts it works perfectly idling around the mid 50s (I don't know if this is high, for the last couple years this is the startand). The issue is still up with another PSU, it doesn't display any error codes. This is a quite old system ( Intel i3 2120, an Intel branded motherboard (I don't know the exact type :/) This is my 2nd PC, but if possible I want to use it as long as possible with the most affordable solution :) I tried to diagnose the problem after a succesful startup, but as I said there isn't any problems after loading into the OS (in the past 6years it worked perfectly)

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