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Computer Blackscreen issues - details included gaming computer builder

So over the last couple of days every now and then, seemingly unrelated to the difficulty of the task at hand, my screens will both die, and won't turn back on until the computer has been restarted, and the audio will loop for a number of seconds before continuing as it was, so the computer is still running, just without screens.

I have checked: - The temperature of the CPU before crash, all is well. - The temperature of the GPU before crash, all is well. - Despite both of these I have done a full clean out of the PC, though it wasn't too dusty as the last cleanout was about a month. - Run the Windows Memory Diagnostics, didn't come up with any errors. - Opened up the PC and checked everything is fitted properly, RAM, GPU, Heatsink/processor...

This seems to happen whether I am just sitting browsing the web or playing a game, doesn't seem to be related to anything that I know of.

I thought of the power supply but 1) I don't have a spare one to check if it works better, 2) I looked up about issues with power supplies and this doesn't seem to fit, aside from if it was an issue with the graphics card wires specifically.

Honestly I'm not that savvy when it comes to this kind of thing, just doing what I've looked up and all that, but I can't think of anything else it could be. Any ideas or thoughts?

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