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5TB HDD causes stuttering in emulated games. gaming computer builder

After a year of tweaking and overclocking and such i figured out my 5TB HDD is the reason of all the stuttering in most of my emulated games, it does not stutter on my SSD. Is there any solution that does not require me to get a new HDD or format it, SSD does not have much space.


ASUS H81I-PLUS I7 4790K @Stock (for now) MSI GTX 970 overclocked 1508mhz mem:3808 mhz 16GB HyperXSavage (@1600mhz Motherboard limit)

Seagate Archive 5TB 5900RPM SATA SATA 6.0Gb/s 128Mb Cache 180/146Mb/s, Power choice, acutrac, cold storage

HyperX Fury SSD 240GB 2,5" SATA3.0, 7mm, SF-2281, 500/500MB/s read/write.

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