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1080p/4k content gaming computer builder

I am generally knowledgeable when it comes to computers, but I am recently getting into video/media content creation. My current computer isn't very powerful (a very low end amd cpu and 4gb of ddr3), but I do have a good graphics card (RX 480 8gb). Yes I plan to upgrade in the future. So my question lies more with... what aspect of hardware is video exporting/playback is affected by the most? I currently only have a 1080p 60hz monitor, and for example when I playback 1080p videos I see my cpu usage pretty much maxing out, while my gpu (temperature at least) doesn't move (35C). Am I crazy to think that a gpu had something to do with video output/playback? I am looking into getting a 4k capable action cam for some light content creation, and I was expecting that my current system would at least be able to handle the importing, light editing, and exporting of these videos in the meantime until I upgrade hardware and monitor. So should I be upgrading CPU next? Is that the main bottleneck I will be experiencing while handling/viewing this type of content? And if so how big do I need to go? Would a mid range i5 be enough or do I need to go to a higher end i7/ryzen if I want the best bang for my buck? Sorry the post is kind of jumbled I wanted to make sure I got all the details out.

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